“It was a suprise how fast and seamlessly Siffi could start providing the service for all of Entain’s employees.” says Oleg. “It really is as simple as a click and its done. We saw that employees started immediately using Siffi in all of our locations.”

Oleg Karpušenko

Head of Human Resources at Enlabs


Entain Nordics & Baltics is an iGaming company that creates one-of-a-kind interactive entertainment experiences by leveraging innovative thinking to provide customers with industry-leading gaming content across all product verticals.



Operating in a rapidly evolving industry with a diverse, international team, Entain sought a proactive, scalable, culturally relevant, and comprehensive mental health solution to offer personalised care and improve employee engagement across the board, regardless of location.



To address their challenges, Entain chose the digital employee mental wellbeing solution Siffi, which offered one-click access to a diverse network of top-rated mental health providers and self-learning resources while supplementing their workplace wellbeing initiatives with webinars and group coaching sessions. Well crafted employee mental wellbeing solution has a direct effect on employee Engagement and Satisfaction, and Siffi’s solution is part of it.


45.6% employees activated within a period of 14 days

16% engagement rate: 30 250 minutes spent on mental wellbeing

Close to 30% utilisation rate: Over 600 psychological sessions and 15 hours in chat

Estimated between 6.2 to 8.6 EUR return on investment (ROI) per 1 EUR invested

“Remote working, international teams, and distributed organizations pose new challenges to management and HR. We at Siffi want to ensure that everyone in your organisation can continue to thrive, also in this new environment.”

Helina Harro

Psychologist and Mental Health Lead at Siffi