“When I saw the platform I thought this is brilliant, this is exactly what we need. It gives our employees that release, they do not have to come to me or worry about opening up to a colleague or a family member. They can just log on and find the right person to talk to in the language they feel most comfortable in, which is key when you have employees worldwide.”

Sarah Halpenny Conroy

Director of People Operations at Interactive Gaming Group

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Interactive Gaming Group is a digital entertainment company that connects creators, viewers, and brands on a global scale. IGG helps streamers, creators, and influencers to monetize their content by putting them in contact with the right brands.


30 employees all over Europé
14 nationalities
For a remote-friendly company, flexibility is key.

The majority of IGG employees today are Millennials. A generation Sarah describes as ‘creative, innovative and very adaptable’. Having clear and open communication, welcoming suggestion, feedback, and new ideas is very important for Sarah. In today’s world a lot is unpredictable and it is important to be able to react, iterate and adapt as a company to serve its customers and its employees best.

‘People think Human resources is just business but for me, the main cause of success is the people being happy and their well-being’ – Sarah is dedicated to doing anything she can to create a healthy and inspiring workplace for her colleagues. However, dealing with human emotions and being the point of contact for people to address their worries and anxiety can quickly become draining for the one in charge.

That is why a tool like Siffi came at the perfect time for Sarah. Today, in addition to her own weekly and monthly tips such as virtual coffee breaks, daily healthy reminders, and even parental tips, she can be reassured that everyone on the team can also talk to a professional about deeper more personal issues that they might not feel comfortable take up to colleagues or even a loved one.