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An intuitive platform for HR and international teams to support their mental well-being. Our aim is to have mentally healthy employees increasing overall satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

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Personalised and data-driven mental well-being for your whole organisation.

Our platform consists of on-demand chat, coaching, and therapy services available in 25+ languages. Allowing employees to access to self-learning resources, and webinars that foster engagement, belonging, and resilience across your teams.

For most HR professionals, the mental well-being of their employees is a blind spot. Even if there are professional providers or health insurance in place, there is no visibility into the impact of the service. Opting for our services will uncover the inner life of your organization and will help you make better decisions.
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The Siffi Services

Because mental health is not always easy to talk about we’ve focused on keeping things simple and safe.

Siffi is a mental well-being platform for remote teams offering a wide range of online services accessible in 25+ languages:

Counselor chat

On-demand counseling


1:1 Coaching & Therapy

Self-care resources

Self-assessment and self-learning resources


Webinars + Group Coaching


Meditation & Mindfulness journeys


Actionable Insights for better leadership decisions

What our specialists can help with:

Other problems our specialists can help with Loneliness, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Anger, Burnout, Worrying, Sadness, and many more…

We are Global

Available in 20+ regions and counting

Inclusive of every employee – no matter where they are

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