Will You Be Your Valentine?

roses will be red…


For hundreds of years 14th of February has been the day to celebrate love. Usually love for a romantic partner. Between Christmas traditionally celebrating family and New Year usually spent with friends… when is the time to care for the individual? For oneself?


Whether we like it or not, roses will be red, heart-shaped chocolates will be displayed and cheesy movies will be watched. It is hard to avoid this highly commercialized holiday.


How About Taking Care of Your Most Important Relationship?


What can be done though is turning it around on its head and making it a day to celebrate oneself.

Show love and compassion to oneself for once.

– Ask yourself, how am I, really?
– What is it that I need most right now?
– What is my biggest challenge?
– How can I show myself love today?


Caring for All Kind Of Relationships


As an employer, it is also an opportunity to show extra care.
After all, the relationships one has with their employer, workplace, and colleagues a very important ones and they need to be taken care of.


Relationships are complex. At Siffi we provide support to employers and employees to navigate the self within the context of the constantly evolving workspace. www.siffi.com